Obama’s race comments give a glimpse into his American experience

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It doesn’t matter if you like the President of the United States or not.  You can disagree with his ideology.  You can be his harshest critic.  Maybe you’re even the type of person counting down the days ’til his second and final term ends.

But a few things about the President can’t be denied, he is highly intelligent and is an excellent public speaker.  If anyone doubts the intelligence level of the president, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention.  And if anyone thinks this President isn’t the same kind of public speaker that Kennedy or Reagan was, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

The president did something great late last week.  He went off the cuff, scriptless and raw, and told America exactly how it is being a black man in America. More specifically, how the experiences and history have shaped black folks’ minds and opinions differently than other Americans.

It wasn’t about slavery, or cutting blacks a break, or racism will never die.  Instead it was the President giving us all a very insightful look into being black in America.  It’s about how blacks view America through their history and their set of experiences.  That’s all the president said.  And it will go down as one if his best moments as President.