Pineapple Fun Facts From Tales of the Cocktail

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“I cut the fruit down, take the core out and put it into small pieces and put it on little sticks.” Dean Callan loves pineapple.

“My favorite pineapple drink would probably be the Prince of Whales, it’s got that traditional aromatic flavor.”

He loves it so much he’s spreading the garden gospel about the tropical fruit during a seminar at Tales of the Cocktail.

“We wanted to bring something different. The hospitality industry has forgotten about their symbol. The pineapple was a symbol of hospitality, it was a welcome fruit and we wanted to bring that back,” says Callan.

Only at tales of the cocktail will you learn how to turn a regular pineapple into a parrot.

Sure it looks like a cool trick but Dean says beware. “There’s an enzyme that occurs naturally and it breaks down proteins so it’s flesh-eating, so if you ever want to try to see how that effect works, take a fresh pineapple chunk and just rub it on your lips, give it about twenty minutes and it will start to tingle.”

Did you know this funky fruit first gained popularity with royalty? “King Charles the second himself stood up in front of everyone and in those days kings didn’t do any work, cut the pineapple and served it to his guests which demonstrates how much respect they had for the plant,” says Callan.

“We kind of stumbled upon this event and it was really nice to get some historical background and definitely now I’m going to be getting my pineapples fresh from a farmer’s market instead of buying them corporate since they are so selective,” says Jillian Rose. Rose attended the event with her husband and says she will probably never look at a pineapple the same way again.

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