10 Garden District Armed Robberies In 10 Days

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There have been 10 armed robberies in 10 days in the Uptown area.

Even though the recent spike is creating concern for neighbors, New Orleans Police say the number of summer-time robberies in the area is down.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has the story.

In the Uptown area, being on alert has become a way of life.

“I don’t like it,” neighbor Terry Voorhies said.

In the past 10-days New Orleans Police opened investigations on 10-armed robberies in the Garden District and Lower Darden District.

“It makes me be extra cautious and I probably would be less likely to walk in the neighborhood to a restaurant after dark,” Voorhies said.

Detectives say most of the crimes are being committed in the late night and early morning hours.

For example, last Wednesday three robberies were committed within a 40 minute span, police say, by three men using a baseball bat.

One of the suspects has been arrested.

Late Friday, police say a woman was robbed of her purse, by the man seen here with a knife.

And Sunday a man was forced into his home on Magazine Street, and robbed at gunpoint.

Investigators aren’t sure why there’s a sudden spike.

Terry Voorhies has a theory.

“I guess it’s an area that tourists like and it’s a relatively affluent area; but I also think tourists are unsuspecting.,” Voorhies said. “They’re on vacation and they’re easier targets.”

“We have locks on all our doors, we dead bolt them at night, we have our 70 and 50 pound pit bulls; our rescues that we live with and they seem to keep the area pretty good,” neighbor Jack Riley said.

“On the year, we’re down significantly in armed robberies,” New Orleans Police Lt. Frank Young said.

Lieutenant Frank Young says despite the recent spike, the number of armed robberies in the Sixth District is down, compared to last summer.

“We had several what I’d call, for a lack of a better term serial robbers,” Young said. “There was one crew that was robbing cab drivers; one crew on the other side in the Irish channel robbing people late at night coming home from bar rooms; we had a guy in the garden district that was robbing tourists.” “In each one of those were good for 8 to 10 robberies and we hadn’t seen that this year,” Young said.

In most of the robbery cases, police are armed with security camera video and or DNA evidence.

They are confident they will make several arrests.