RTA to Discuss Algiers Ferry Fares

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The cost for passengers to ride the Algiers ferry could go from free to two dollar each way.

The Regional Transit Authority board of commissioners will meet Thursday to discuss scheduling a public hearing on the latest idea to help fund ferry operations.

Friends of the Ferry, founder Fay Faron is fully for fares, “What I really think is fair, is like a dollar.”

Faron says the Department of Transportation should start collecting much needed funds immediately, “Plead with the governor to put fares in right now and get us through this hump until RTA can take over.”

She says a two dollars fare is a nominal expense for some passengers while others would feel the financial impact more, “That`s twenty dollars a week that they weren`t used to paying. That`s $80 a month.”

Friends of the Ferry hopes an affordable system for commuters will be considered.

They’ll also push to increase fares for times when more tourists are on board.