Zimmerman trial brought out our crazy racial perceptions

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The George Zimmerman trial just simply won’t go away.  And the main reason for that is the crazy way some Americans view race.

A large number of black and white folks in our country are fixated on race, especially when it involves the outcome of this trial.  Many black and white folks ignore the facts of this case and do a lot of assuming.  I think it makes these folks feel better.

Some Blacks feel compelled to defend Trayvon Martin simply because he’s black.  While some whites cheered when the verdict was read, like they’ve got some stake in Zimmerman’s innocence.

What’s funny is a lot of the racist whites that were cheering the outcome wouldn’t want to hang around with the Latino Zimmerman anyway.  Kinda crazy.

The only real blessing about this reaction from the verdict is the fact that most black and white folks in America don’t buy into it and don’t believe race played a direct part in this decision.  Most observers feel that the judge was weak or that the prosecution went after the wrong charge and didn’t humanize Trayvon Martin enough.

But the black and white folks so fixated on race just can’t let it go.  Even the U.S. Attorney’s office is threatening to get involved.  Involved how?  What civil rights violations occurred?   The reason Trayvon Martin is dead is simple: an over-zealous rent-a-cop wanna-be went beyond the scope of his job.  And a 17 year old kid, who clearly recognized the moron following him, chose to confront him instead of ignoring him and just go home.

Trayvon Martin’s death was totally avoidable. If only George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin weren’t involved. But they were, and the race card, on both sides, will continue to be played.