Love it, Like it, Hate it: Coconut Water!

Coconut water has achieved health food status, and for good reason – it’s all-natural, and an excellent source of potassium.  But not all types are really so pure.  Today we’re Getting the Skinny with Molly on the best and worst bets when it comes to coconut water!

  • Approximately 300 to 600 mg potassium per bottle/carton/can of coconut water (compared to ~400 mg in a medium banana).
  • Potassium can help prevent muscle cramping, and a potassium-rich diet can help to lower blood pressure.
  • Per 8 ounces unflavored coconut water:  ~40-70 calories, ~10 grams carbs, ~10 grams sugar (minimal amounts of protein or fat)

Love it!

Plain unflavored coconut water (in a variety of brands, including Blue Monkey, Naked, O.N.E.)

Zico Natural – best bet for electrolyte replenishment:  (has more sodium than other brands)

Like it!

Alo Coco – blend of coconut water, aloe, and juices

Flavored Coconut Water – most are blends of coconut water with fruit juices and fruit purees

–          These have more sugar than unflavored coconut water, but at least it’s naturally-occurring fruit sugar



Hate it!

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water

Ingredients: Coconut water, cane sugar, coconut cream…  And 20 grams of sugar per bottle