George Zimmerman IS guilty … of being a moron

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Is George Zimmerman guilty?   I’m pretty sure George Zimmerman is guilty of something.  He’s gotta be, right?   A 29 year old man shot and killed a 17 year old kid essentially because he thought he was up to no good.  But is George Zimmerman guilty?   The clear answer is yes.

George Zimmerman is fully guilty of being a world class idiot.  An over zealous fool who was playing policeman-wanna-be.  But is George Zimmerman guilty of a crime?  The answer might be yes, but in America that guilty verdict has to come with no reasonable doubt left on the table.  Reasonable doubt.

I think we all have reasonable doubt when formulating an opinion about this case.  That’s why the verdict came back not guilty.  That’s exactly why no rioting took place after the verdict was announced. This case’s outcome ended up having little to do with race and everything to do with reasonable doubt.  Obviously, all 6 jurors were struggling with that key factor.

I think George Zimmerman is guilty of something in this case but 2nd degree murder or even manslaughter probably isn’t it.  Blame the prosecutor’s office for a poor effort at trial or going after the wrong charge, but don’t get mad at the system.  The system worked.  George Zimmerman is a moron who’s life will never be the same.  And Trayvon Martin is no longer with us.  A tragedy that easily could have been and should have been avoided.