Former Greenie Mackey Acquitted in Robbery Cast

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Instead of facing up to 99 years in prison, former Tulane Greenie Trent Mackey is hoping for one more season on the football field.

Friday afternoon, a jury found Mackey not guilty of a robbery last July.  Family and well-wishers hugged the former star linebacker as he walked out of court with his name cleared.

WGNO News was at the scene of the robbery last July and spoke with the victim.  She told police that two men forced their way into her apartment.

“They just kept threatening to put the gun at my head or to my face or in my mouth,” she said.  The woman was also a Tulane student, and she said she was able to chase down the robbers and retrieve her stolen cell phone and laptop computer.

“People are going to think I’m crazy.  Kind of a rash decision,” she said of her actions.

During the trial, police testified that marijuana was also stolen.  Mackey was accused of being the mastermind of the heist.

But the wheels came off the prosecution’s case when another defendant in the case who has already been convicted changed his previous statement and said Mackey had nothing to do with the crime.

“Well we’re elated because a life has been saved.  But there is some bitterness,” said one of Mackey’s defense attorney, Rick Kohnke.  Mackey’s defense team thinks the NOPD had it in for the Tulane star from early on in the investigation.  They say that one officer even wore a LSU shirt to arrest Mackey.

“What a choice of shirt for the day he was going to arrest a Tulane star linebacker,” said defense attorney Rick Kelly.

WGNO News asked the NOPD to comment on whether an officer wore the LSU shirt to the Mackey arrest but didn’t receive a response.

A spokesman for the DA’s office called the Mackey acquittal, “disappointing,” but didn’t comment further because a third defendant in the robbery case has yet to go to trial.

As for Mackey, he may go for one more season as a Greenie.

“He’s going to seek a hardship year at Tulane.  And if Tulane allows it and the NCAA grants his hardship application, we hope to see him on the field this year with the Green Wave,” Kelly said.