New Orleans needs to re-evaluate our parking ticket procedures

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The City of New Orleans is not known for its efficiency.  We simply aren’t very good at things other cities take for granted.  But one thing we are hyper-efficient at is the art of writing parking tickets.  And in New Orleans it is an art, or at least a money grab.

Since Katrina, the city has taken ticket writing to an entirely new level.  It isn’t good enough sending out the ticket writers in force for Jazz Fest or French Quarter Fest.  Now the city is sending out the ticket writers to neighborhoods in the city where massive street construction projects are going on.  Instead of ignoring the areas under construction, the city is sending out ticket writers by the dozens, instructing them to write as many tickets as possible.

Under normal circumstances in many parts of uptown New Orleans, with streets designed for horse and buggies more than cars, parking can be nearly impossible.  So instead of cutting these folks a break, the city is doing the opposite, writing parking tickets by the hundreds.

This isn’t parking enforcement, this is petty.  It makes the city look cheap.  It makes the city look pathetic.  Taking advantage of law abiding, tax paying citizens is beyond weak.  Street construction is already a major inconvenience.  Ticketing some neighbors for petty parking violations in these areas is nothing short of a money grab.  We deserve better than this.

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  • Kevin Comarda

    They are ticketing the people who WORK in those neighborhoods (uptown/downtown). The first $40 of my shifts go to paying tickets. How is this fair? I’m a law-abiding/tax-paying citizen who can’t afford necessities because of this obvious money-grab. Now they’re ticketing for times when our cars aren’t even there yet (i.e., getting a ticket for times less than 2 hours). It becomes a game that we can’t win because the rules are unclear and ever-changing. This incredible disservice thrives on the working stiff. There is no solution for us, because we are the ones keeping the racket alive.

    Of course, the ferries aren’t running properly, so my bike is out of the question. I’m at the mercy of this backwards city.

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