“Old MacDonald Had A Farm Bill, ee ii ee ii owwww”

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When I was a child I sang “Old MacDonald had a farm, ee ii ee ii yoe”. Today I am singing the same thing over the soon to be passed “Farm Bill”: “ee ii ee ii OWWWWW!”

This $540 BILLION monstrosity is to farms what brewers yeast is to iPhones, a non sequitir. About 80% of the “Farm Bill” is the Feds portion of the “food stamp” program with the remainder divvied up among “farmers” which is funny, seeing as how I don’t fancy the Rockefeller family as “farmers” yet they will take $947,000 of “farm assistance”. Then there’s the $272,288 former President Jimmy Carter who is also a FORMER farmer will receive. And no omnibus spending sack from Congress would be complete without the families of Congressmen getting their “seed money” which is a meager $995,000 this go round. I have to wonder what steely-nerved, Congressional budget cutter sent Aunt Petunia $5k less than she was expecting so the plunder could squeak in under a cool million?

I have come to the belated conclusion that Congress is no longer a legislative body but is now a world market where traders are CEO’s, bank presidents, central bank presidents and actual presidents. The supply is what is available to be grifted from the cattle-us- and the demand is set by which of the traders above have the best brokers to negotiate. Brokers in this instance are current legislators, staff and former legislators aka lobbyists. Oh, and then there’s the Clients which are also known as “supplemental nutrition recipients.” Frederick Bastiat, in his worst nightmare, could not have envisioned a “plunder” population as large, corpulent and voracious as ours.

What we call government today would be unrecognizable to 17th-19th century statesman. One feature of this crime racket they would recognize is the taxes though they would wonder how free-men could exist with such a crippling share of their income stolen from them. That sort of thing might cause our forefathers to revolt. Today it only elicits an “ee ii ee ii OWWWWW!”