Good Morning New Orleans / Get the Skinny

Sunscreen Boosters & Sunburn Soothers

When it comes to protecting against sunburn and sun damage, hopefully we’re all diligent with sunscreen, but you just might be surprised that what you eat can help protect your skin from sun’s rays, as well!  Today we’re Getting the Skinny on top foods and supplements that pull double duty as sunscreen boosters and sunburn soothers!

Beta Carotene (oral)

25 mg/day orally may reduce risk of sunburn in sensitive individuals

(study found benefit with 25 mg taken orally for 12 weeks)



Melatonin/Melatonin + E + C (topical)

Melatonin applied topically before sun exposure may help prevent sunburn

Melatoninin + topical vitamin E and C also shown effective, when used prior to sun exposure

Vitamin E + C (oral)

Taking vitamins E & C orally seems to protect against skin inflammation after exposure to UV radiation

It’s essential to stay hydrated, so that means plenty of fluids, plus healthy fats to help maintain skin’s hydration from the inside, out.


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