Dying Dog Makes Miraculous Recovery

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Looking at Bête today, you might not believe it’s the same dog from a month-and-a-half ago, when she was swollen, bleeding, wounded and dying.  In May, Bête went missing, then returned home with a neck wound so severe, her owner couldn’t afford the treatment.

Vet technician Calli East, says, “She was completely emaciated.  She was just skin and bones.  This little girl right here weighed 30 pounds.  At least 8 of it was in her head from swelling.  Something was tied around her neck too tightly.”

Southeast Veterinary Specialists did not turn her away.  Dr. Rose Lemarie pledged to provide necessary treatment and Calli decided to adopt her.  Neither knew if the dying pit bull would survive.

“I hoped, I hoped,” Dr. Lemarie said.  “She’s been a fighter, I don’t know.  Something about this dog made an impression and you look in her eyes and you just see it.  And so far, her result’s been happy.”

It’s been a long road to recovery.  Bête’s neck laceration was so deep, her jugular veins were gone.  Through the wound, you could see arteries and even her trachea.  The initial surgery then revealed laryngeal paralysis from the nerve damage.

Calli says, “In order for her to have any kind of ability and quality of life, we needed to fix her laryngeal paralysis.  She wasn’t able to run, jump or play.  She couldn’t get overheated or hot.  She wasn’t able to breath.”

During that surgery, Bête was spayed and had a complete bilateral mastectomy.  She’ll soon undergo treatment for heart worms.

It’s a treatment that would have never happened, if not for the kindness of Dr. Lemarie, Calli … and WGNO viewer Connie Tenhaaf!  Seeing our interview, Connie wanted to help and donated $2,500 for Bête’s care.

I asked Calli if she has a message for the person who injured Bête.  Her response?  “I can’t say it on camera!  I thank you for my new dog.  She has a new home, she’s loved and she deserved the world.”

A new home and a second chance… for a dog that fought the odds and won!