Controversial Pit-Bull Ordinance Tabled

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pitbullA proposed pit-bull ordinance in Westwego has been placed on hold; at least for now.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter talked to Councilman Glenn Green about his decision to place a muzzle on the legislation that was stirring controversy.

“They didn’t seem like they understood the ordinance and what was happening, so I tabled it,” Glenn Green said.

Westwego Councilman Glenn Green says his proposed pit-bull ordinance will not go to a vote anytime soon.

The controversial act would have placed new restrictions on pit bull owners.

Trotter asked, “Gone forever? As far as I’m concerned it is,” Green replied.

Green drafted the legislation in March; after 54-year old Linda Henry was attacked inside her home — by three of her own pit bulls.

Henry and her common-law husband Clarence Allen both supported Green; but three incoming council members did not.

“I’m surprised at it, because I thought they all would go along with it,” Clarence Allen said. “I’m very surprised about that.”

Trotter asked, “Disappointing? No, not at all,” Green replied. “They really hadn’t had an opportunity to read the ordinance.” “For some reason most people thought I was trying to make them get rid of their dogs, that’s not true.”

Green says he has nothing against the breed.

“That is my son’s pit-bull and I’ve seen that dog since he was a puppy and I don’t hate pit bulls but you see how high this fence is,” Green said.

Green’s ordinance would have forced restraints on pit-bulls, and limited the number of dogs pet-owners could have.

Even though, the ordinance wouldn’t have prevented Linda Henry’s attack, she was hoping the full council would have supported it.

“I feel bad about it because he tried and they shot him down,” Henry said. “Uhm hmm.” “So if they shut him down they shut us down you know.”

Councilman Green says he received calls and emails from constituents who supported his ordinance; yet no one spoke in support at last night`s council meeting.

The issue could still come up at a later date, but Green says he will not be the one to push for it.


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