Missing Teen Home After Being Stranded On Boat For Days

A Bridge City teen who went missing off the coast of Honduras for days is now back at home with her family.

16-year old, Amber Burkett was missing at sea since last Saturday.  The U.S. Coast Guard rescued her along with 8 others on Wednesday.

“I thank God and everybody that helped with the search,” Jackie Capeheart, the teen’s mother, said.

“I believe she has a bigger purpose.  More than she realizes,”  Capeheart said.

Burkett’s boat ran out of gas near the island of Utila, off the coast of Honduras.

“Some days were never thought we would get off the boat.   We wouldn’t have survived without each other.  Everyone did their part to not lose hope.  We just fed off each other,”  Burkett said.

They didn’t have any food or water on the boat.

“My stomach was hurting.  My head was hurting and I felt weak.  We prayed, but there wasn’t much we could do,”  she said.

With a second chance at life, she said, she wants to finish college and become a registered nurse.

“I know I must do right.  Do the best with the second chance that I’ve been given.”


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