Coach Ron Maestri returns to UNO as head baseball coach

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Tuesday afternoon the University of New Orleans officially announced their new baseball coach, Ron Maestri.

“I felt like if I can come back and do anything to give back because they gave me 30 wonderful years in my life, and that’s why I’m here,” Maestri said on Tuesday.

Maestri was quick to point out during his news conference that yes, he’s old, and has been gone from the game, but that didn’t stop him from poking fun at it: “Basketball coaches have shoe contracts. Baseball, Paul’s got a bat contract, a glove contract. I got a call from AARP last week they signed me to a 5-year deal. If I had known that this would happen, I would have applied for the Auburn job. Derek tells me now the bus has wi-fi. That means nothing to me. They have all this stuff. You guys will be playing the wi-fi; I’ll be asleep.”

Maestri’s first game as the Privateer’s head coach will be against a former player, LSU head coach Paul Mainieri.

“I have no idea who we’re playing, except Mainieri,” Maestri said. “He had to ruin my day by saying, “Just remember, Mase, you’re facing Nola on Friday.”

Maineri went on to say after the 2-game series against UNO, he’ll be routing on the privateers and his mentor, Ron Maestri.

“I’m so excited for these kids that are going to be play in the UNO program that they now are going to have the opportunity to play for this great man,” Mainieri told WGNO Sports. “He’s going to influence their lives like they can’t believe.”