Devastating Citrus Disease Found For First Time In Louisiana In City Park

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry announced Friday that, for the first time, a devastating citrus tree disease has been discovered in Louisiana and it was found in City Park.

It’s a citrus canker disease that leaves ugly blemishes on leaves and fruit.  It can cause trees to prematurely lose leaved and fruit.  Eventually the trees may stop producing fruit entirely.

State Ag Commissioner Mike Strain told WGNO News that the cankers had been found in four trees in and around the City Park area.

“It’s important that when we’re dealing with this disease that we immediately come in, place things under quarantine and deal with the issue,” Strain said.  “And so that’s what we’re doing.”

There is no treatment for the disease.  The only way to prevent it from spreading is to destroy the trees.  That work will begin on Tuesday.

Strain says Florida’s citrus industry has taken a big hit from the canker disease.



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