Busy week of historic rulings for the U.S. Supreme Court

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It’s been a busy and historic week for the Supreme Court.  3 major decisions came down and all apparently in the name of equality.

First, the court ruled that the use of Affirmative Action in the admissions process at colleges and universities was legal, but made it harder for institutions to use such policies to achieve diversity.

Next, the Supreme Court effectively struck down the voting rights act of 1965, essentially saying that states – mainly in the south – no longer have to get approval from the Feds to change local election laws.  Texas for example, which was restricted from implementing a voter identification law, now has one.

And finally DOMA, or the Defense Of Marriage Act, was ruled unconstitutional.  This means the Supreme Court does not recognize that a marriage in the United States is strictly between a man and a woman.  It clearly opens the door for gay marriage.

These 3 rulings seemingly are working towards the same result: that all people are created equal.  The most qualified get into school no matter what color you might be.  It’s not the 1960’s anymore and blacks can and do vote and hold public office.  And gay folks can marry just like straight ones can.  It’s clearly been a busy and historic week for the Supreme Court.