Old Mandeville Residents In Shock Over Shooting At The Tammany Trace

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tammany trace shooting

Neighbors who either enjoy or live near the Tammany Trace are on alert. WGNO’s Vanessa Bolano reports Mandeville police are searching for clues and trying to find out who shot a man on that serene trail.

“It’s really scary, especially we all have children. We’re all families. It’s just not something that you hear would happen in Mandeville at all,” says Old Mandeville resident Kim Kerr.

Kerr found out a man was shot just feet from her home on Facebook. Others in the area heard the gunfire.

Old Mandeville resident Michael McKnight says, “I was in my front room watching movies and my neighbor came over and asked me if I heard gunshots which shocked me.”

Police say 24-year-old Leonard Breaux Jr of Covington was shot on the Tammany Trace Sunday evening just before 6:30pm. His blood still stains the pavement. It’s a grim reminder.

Lt. Gerald Sticker with the Mandeville Police Department says a shooting on the trail is a rarity. “This is the first ever in my 18 years with the city of Mandeville.”

Tonight the victim is in serious condition in a Baton Rouge hospital while police search for his missing car. The white, 1999 Buick Century is believed to have been stolen from the scene. It may have a temporary tag or Louisiana License Plate “XND463.”

“We don’t get things like this and we’re throwing every resource that we have at it, and our job at this point is to put those pieces together,” says Lt. Sticker.

“It’s a shame we all have to look over our backs now, and just we’re all really concerned and hope it’s an isolated incident,” says Kerr.

Mandeville Police do believe this is an isolated incident, but they are still searching for more clues including the victim’s Buick. They say a Tammany Trace Ranger found the victim and so far no witnesses have come forward.

If you spot the missing car call police.