Another Kitten dumped on the Westbank Expressway

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For the sixth-time in three-weeks a cat is abandoned in a place that puts it and people in danger.

In the latest case on the West Bank, someone deserted a two month old kitten high above on the expressway’s cement divider with fast moving traffic on one side and a fifty foot drop down the other.

Animal rescuer Juliana Ackil   rescued the kitten between Barataria and Aimes Blvd. exits.

Ackil sees this animal abuse crime as more than illegally casting aside responsibility of caring for a pet.

She thinks the pattern of clues adds up to a lone suspect, “This is somebody who is going to be a murderer of people soon. Because you know that people who murder other people started out by torturing animals. This is somebody who is sick. Who has been hurt by maybe somebody who loves animals. He`s a predator.”

The Humane Society is launching a fundraising campaign matched with grant money to install surveillance cameras where pets are abandoned most.