Bride and Groom Talk About Giant T-Rex Chasing Them in Viral Wedding Photo

June 20, 2013 | Updated: 6:09 p.m., June 20, 2013

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METAIRIE, LA (WGNO) – A wedding photo is getting Jurassic-sized exposure for a Baton Rouge photographer, Quinn Miller, and newlyweds, James and Katie Lowder of Metairie.

Miller created a photo of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex terrorizing the wedding party.  The photo’s since become an internet sensation and has gone viral.

“We think it’s funny it went viral.  It’s silly actually,”  James Lowder said.

James and Katie just got back from their honeymoon in St. Lucia.  While there, word spread that their picture had become an internet sensation.

“Inside Edition tracked us down on our honeymoon.  We got dragged out of the pool to be interviewed by them.  The picture even made it on Pinterest, so that’s exciting,”  Katie Lowder said.

So how did this fascinating photo come about?


“At the rehearsal dinner, Quinn brought up the idea.  We said please, let’s do it, it sounds like so much fun.  Quinn told us, now everyone run like a giant T-Rex is chasing you.  We did it in one take, ” Lowder said.

The Lowder’s said the picture showed off their personalities.

“Humor is huge.  We love to make each other laugh.”


You’d think there would be plenty of jokes about a runaway bride, but actually, another joke is being made.

“T-Rex is our mother in laws, and our moms are like that’s not true,”  they jokingly said.

Dinosaurs have plenty a role in their relationship.  On their first date, James wore a T-Rex shirt and his car had a dinosaur bumper sticker on it.  Their new home is decked out in dinosaur fashion with a dinosaur shower curtain and a dinosaur pillow.

“I guess it’s cool.  It’s like symbolism,” they said.

They already know where they are going to hang their famous photo.


“We’re framing it and putting it above the desk in the living room.”

Don’t expect this couple’s love for dinosaurs or each other to go extinct.

“We want to keep our relationship youthful and fun.  We think our picture really does that for us.”

James and Katie met through a youth ministry called, Young Life.    Their wedding was held at The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, where the photo was taken.   Katie is a teacher.  James will be starting dental school.   The couple now lives in Metairie.

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