Steve Gleason’s response to Atlanta DJs is why we love him

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New Orleans hero Steve Gleason wasn’t as offended as most folks were by the Atlanta sports talk show hosts’ tasteless bit on his struggle with ALS.  And yesterday, his response to the morning zoo skit was typical Gleason.

Steve Gleason isn’t a hero for the way he’s handling ALS.  Steve Gleason is a hero because he’s handling ALS the way you would expect him to.

Gleason has always been extraordinary.  An athlete that had no business playing college football and being a star at Washington State or in the PAC-10.  He obviously was not supposed to be anywhere near an NFL field much less play for 7 seasons.  And becoming captain of the Saints team was never gonna happen to a backup safety and special teams ace, but it did.

Steve Gleason has always been an over achiever.  A blue collar athlete at best who always gave his all, always.  And obviously still does.  Mr 110%.

We are all fond of Steve Gleason because of who he is and has continued to be even with a debilitating disease.  In his response Gleason said we all make mistakes and then proceeded to fully accepted those misguided individuals’ apologies.

Gleason said how we react to our mistakes is who we are.  Well, we all know who Steve Gleason is.  An exceptional human being that rises above the fray.  He always has.  Did you honestly expect something else from a super-hero?