Thrill Seeking Wake Boarder Talks About Ride With Waterspout

The combination of heat and humidity in southeast Louisiana can create some pretty bumpy weather conditions.  For a man on Grand Isle Wednesday afternoon, it created a thrill seeking opportunity.

Robert Vegas was riding is wakeboard and had no idea he would soon be in for the ride of his life.

“We were just riding and we had seen it just get closer and closer.  And I just wanted to get a couple pictures,”

In all, Vegas says he saw and took pictures of three waterspouts.

But it’s his video, shot from his wakeboard, that’s almost certainly going to go viral.

Vegas rolled the dice and got up and close with one of the three waterspouts.

“But this was like the biggest I’ve ever seen,” Vegas told WGNO News.

A few weeks ago, Vegas opened a new wakeboarding cable park in Grand Isle called Wake Side.  He bailed from his close encounter and headed for cover Wednesday as the waterspout missed his business and came ashore.

“It messed up a few camps close by, and then it was back on the beach.  Then it disappeared.”

The national weather service confirmed the big waterspout and even categorized it as a weak tornado once it came ashore on the island.


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