Parents of Murdered Americorps Volunteer Plead For Help From The Public

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His smile; he was always very kind, willing to help,” says Sharon Massenburg.

His smile and attitude are memories Sharon Massenburg holds into dearly. Memories are all she and her husband Andre have left.

“It was our son April 1st, it’ll be someone else’s son tomorrow,” says Andre Massenburg.

Two months ago Joseph Massenburg was gunned down footsteps from his door near Eagle and Birch Streets. The 18-year-old from Chicago was in town volunteering for Americorps.

Tonight family, friends, coworkers, and law enforcement gather just blocks from where Joseph took his last breath. They came together to celebrate life and demand that the community step up.

“Obviously tonight to remember Joseph Massenburg, but we do want to remind the community that we still have an individual at large right now and he is wanted for second degree murder, that’s Glen Emerson. We urge Mr. Emerson to turn himself in,” says Sgt. Nick Gernon.

“As long as he’s out I’m sure somebody else’s son or daughter is in danger,” says Sharon Massenburg.

“Somebody knows something and we are asking the community to come forward,” says Andre Massenburg, “He’s the person that we want everyone to concentrate on because that’s who the police want to talk to. That’s who the arrest warrant is out for.”