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Socks where they shouldn’t be: When your pet swallows something it shouldn’t have

It’s not their fault, but they just get sooooo excited!

Doctor Rick Rockar with Southeast Veterinary Specialists says, “Labradors, like a lot of the active breeds, they like to play with their toys.  They like to chew and some of these pooches when they’re chewing, they’ll get so excited that they’ll swallow items that aren’t fully chewed.”  We’re talking about items like socks.  Two year old black lab “Buddy” sure has a thing for delicious, stinky footwear.

“Buddy’s owners tell us that he’s got a tendency to chew on socks.”  Unfortunately, socks can lead to serious trouble.  Foreign items pass through the stomach, but can get stuck in the intestine.  That’s exactly what happened to Buddy, who now needs surgery, after his owners noticed he wasn’t his usual self.  “Doing surgery like this, I’ve removed underwear.  I’ve removed bones, even rawhides.  If they eat the rawhide very quickly, sometimes it’ll get part way through the intestine and it’ll totally stop.”

For cats, it’s often worse.  They love yarn, but when swallowed, it can cause a potentially deadly drawstring effect as the intestine bunches up around it.  Thankfully, Dr. Rocker says the surgery usually has a positive result.  “Most of these cases end up being very rewarding, because we see them come back on suture removal and they’re back to themselves.”


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