Tiger Parents Beaming With College World Series Pride

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If you think LSU fans are proud of the Tigers making it to the College World Series, imagine how the players’ parents feel.

“It’s a dream come true.  We’ve been very blessed,” said Marian Eades from her Slidell front yard decorated with almost everything LSU.  Eades’ son, Ryan, is not only a star pitcher for the Tigers, he’s the second round draft pick of the Minnesota Twins.

But to truly appreciate what this trip to Omaha means to the Eades family, you have to understand how big of a role baseball plays in the whole family’s lives.  Ryan’s little brother is a promising catcher for Delgado.  Also, in 2009, Marian Eades fulfilled her late husband’s dream of taking their boys to see the College World Series as spectators.  The trip made a big impression on then-high schooler Ryan.

” When we were there, Ryan just said, ‘Mom, the next time I arrive here, I will be playing’,” Eades said.  She also plans to be in Omaha to watch the Tigers plan and says despite the team’s busy schedule, they will still have some time to spend with their families.

On the other side of the lake, in Metairie, the McMullens gathered in the family’s kitchen and told a similar Omaha dream.  Their son Sean worked his way from Delgado to a roster spot for LSU.

“We always talked about going when he was just going to be a spectator, but now he’ll be playing,” said Sean’s mom Cathy.

“Now it’s on a bigger stage.  He has so many people rooting for him and the Tigers in general, so it’s just been awesome,” added Sean’s sister, Caitlyn.

The McMullens will leave on Thursday to see Sean’s chance at turning what was once a possible family vacation into a national championship.

“We’re just riding along with a dream that Sean has had as a child,” said Sean’s dad, Joel.