A Street Sinkhole Epidemic

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There’s a street in Mid-City that’s causing a lot of problems.  It’s littered with sinkholes and collapsed drainage holes which have one family fuming.

The Goebel’s live in this beautiful home on Desoto Street.  They aren’t able to access one side of their driveway because of a drainage hole that’s getting deeper and deeper.

“I do think it looks like a sinkhole.  It’s fallen a few feet in the last couple of month.  I’ve talked to the city.  We’ve been to City Hall and have pleaded with them to try and fix it,”  Mike Goebel said.

Flat tires, flooding, and people falling….this sinkhole is a major problem.

Nothing is being done, and the Goebel’s feel like the city isn’t listening to their concerns.  It’s not only one hole in front of their house.  In the last few weeks, two more sinkholes have formed on their street.

“It really does appear to be a sinkhole epidemic. An ecological team has come out to take a look at the street, and they told the family that there appears to be a leak underneath the street and that’s what’s causing the problem.  I’ve had faith that it would get fixed, but instead it’s just getting worse,” he said.

A few months ago, the city did massive repairs—just a block away on Esplanade Ave.  The family pleaded for them to fix their street then, but they were told there was no budget.