Library Rescues Turtles, Excites Visitors

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Meet the Jefferson Parish Library’s little celebrities, small only in size. Turtles. There are several species that have taken up real estate at the library.

“They have little personalities, each one is totally different. “Baseball” is constantly eating, if I’m working, she will come right up to me and wait for worms,” says Karin Fourcade. “I think of him as Speedy, he is my most prolific male, every morning he has a new girlfriend.”

The turtles are the most active in the morning and evening.

“This has become a huge learning tool, the kids come to the library they see them, they check out books about turtles, they want to come back to the library to see the turtles,” says Fourcade. “I never really put much thought into turtles until I got that first one, I have come to love these guys. ”

What began as a happy home for one rescued turtle is now a courtyard condo for twelve. They all started out as someone’s pet but they eventually out grew their environment. Now thanks to Karin and her team, they’re living the good life at the library.

“This was just an overgrown area that they kept the blinds closed on. We got it cleaned up, we got the pond up and running and then it was this really great space. The soil is rich so there are always a lot of worms and things living in it. A couple times a week I come and put pellets and other things just to supplement but for the most part they just take care of themselves.”

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