NOPD Officer Files Complaint in Terrilynn Monnette Case

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monnette+4The Police Association of New Orleans says the only NOPD detective with the skills necessary to investigate crucial evidence in the Terrilynn Monette case has been reassigned. Vanessa Bolano has the story.

Three months ago Terrilynn Monnette vanished. Authorities have search tirelessly, but their efforts have not led to Terrilynn.

Tonight Captain Michael Glasser with PANO says one crucial piece of evidence remains: her computer. Glasser says the one detective in the NOPD with the forensic training necessary to uncover clues inside of it has been pulled off the case.

“This is the one piece of evidence that remains untouched for the most part, and this might be the one piece of evidence that leads us to a clue as to what happened to her,” says Glasser.

Tonight detective Dan Plustache has been reassigned to the night watch out of the 4th District station in Algiers. Glasser says it’s because Plustache filed a complaint saying he was unable to focus on Monnette’s computer because the department continued to assign him to irrelevant tasks.

“They have him fixing Xerox machines. They have him directing traffic. They have him doing everything but digital forensics,” says Glasser.

NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas sent us this statement. Serpas says, “It’s reprehensible that Officer Plustache would intentionally try to make Ms. Monnette’s family believe that this department has underperformed for them.” Serpas goes on to say Plustache is under multiple disciplinary investigations for failing to perform.

Glasser tells WGNO Plustache is a 14-year veteran with a pristine record who scored a 4.5 out of 5 in his last evaluation.

“All of these investigations have come up since he brought up the point that he was being mismanaged,” says Glasser.

When asked about Monnette’s computer Glasser says, “I imagine they’re going to have to give it to an outside agency to do because we certainly can’t so it in house.”