Will Hurricane Katrina Flick, ‘Hours’ Hit too close to home?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It’s been nearly 8 years since Hurricane Katrina hit.  As we all know Katrina is still a major point of reference.

A new Katrina drama starring Paul Walker called, ‘Hours’ is slated to hit the big screen.

It’s a race against time in the new Walker flick, ‘Hours’.  It’s a film that goes back to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans.

‘Hours’ was filmed in New Orleans East at Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital.  The story centers around a father (Walker) who is struggling to keep his premature newborn daughter alive, when the power goes out a the hospital.

Because this movie, for many New Orleanians will feel like real-life, is it something movie-goers would want to see?

Henry Griffin with the New Orleans Film Society and a faculty member at the University of New Orleans thinks so.

“I think enough time has passed that we’re comfortable seeing a movie with Hurricane Katrina as the setting.  I think people who aren’t afraid of movies about Katrina will like it.  People who want to avoid it, will avoid it,”  Griffin said.

He feels a movie that deals with tough realities like Katrina will be intriguing to the audience.

“Everyone knows what happend. Locals will hold it to a high standard to see if it’s historically accurate,”  he said.

Although Griffin doesn’t think Hurricane Katrina-related movies are easy to sell.

“I definitely think Hurricane Katrina is not a great marketing tool to get people to go and see a movie on a Saturday night,” he said.

‘Hours’ premiered in Austin at SXSW 2013.   It’s slated to hit theaters later this year.


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