Woman who lost eye, ear, and arms recounts pit bull attack

May 30, 2013 | Updated: 8:59 p.m., June 10, 2013

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WESTWEGO, LA (WGNO) – A proposed pit-bull ordinance in Westwego is under fire from pet owners near and far.

The debate is heating up as a victim of the pit-bull attack that sparked talks of the ordinance is released from the hospital.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke with the victim who faces a long recovery.

“I say I never want another pit bull,” victim’s husband Clarence Allen said.  WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Why not?” “Because of what happened here,” Allen replied.

What happened inside Westwego home, located at 341 Avenue A in March has forever scarred his common law wife.

54-year old Linda Henry was viciously attacked; mauled by three of the family’s four pit bulls.

“They just grabbed me,” Henry recounted. “One grabbed this arm and the other grabbed the other arm and they just pulled me down and I was screaming and hollering.”


She was in pain because the dog bites were so deep they exposed the bones of her arms and legs; and even her skull.

“They grab my left leg and rip all that up then they tried to get my eye ball out,” Henry said. “They ripped my eye lids off, they bit my lip then they grabbed my head,” she said. “In the hospital they had to take skin off my leg to put on my head.”

pit bullShe lost an eye, an ear, and both arms had to be amputated following the attack.

“I never thought that would happen with those dogs because they were like kids in the house,” Allen said.

What happened to Linda Henry is what motivated one Westwego City Councilman to propose a Pit Bull Ordinance that would place stiffer restrictions on pet owners.


It’s a move that’s been met with widespread opposition.

“Some people have called for it; some people have called and written against it,” Westwego Mayor John Shaddinger said.

There’s even an online petition to block the legislation.

But Councilman Glen Green says his proposed ordinance is not anti-pit-bull, rather an attempt to make pet owners more responsible.

“All of these people submitting petitions did not get to see Linda Henry after that dog attack,” Green said in his defense. ” Had they seen this lady or went to visit her in the hospital like I did I probably wouldn’t be getting very many petitions.”


Both Linda Henry and her husband Clarence Allen support the proposed pit-bull legislation.

The ordinance that is still being drafted has been deferred until July; to allow in-coming council members to weigh in.

If you’d like to help Clarence Allen and Linda Henry can be reached directly at (504) 905-5415 or you can make a donation to the Linda Henry Fund at Capital Bank. Donations are being accepted at any branch location.

You can also send mail to:

Clarence Allen
341 Avenue A
Westwego, LA