Where’s The Boston Tea-Mobile Party?

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Our story begins with a weeping violin playing in the background. The announcers voice is soft and emphatic. “…a man who was convicted of a single crime at age 19 who then reforms and is now elderly, poor, and raising grandchildren would be thrown off SNAP and his grandchildren’s benefits would be cut.”

[Mike motions horizontally with his hand] ”Kill the music.” Did I just hear that a 19 year old, running afoul of the law is expected to remain a ward of the State THEN pass his “benefits” on to his grandchildren!? In what kind of society are productive people supposed to hear things as this and not grab torches and pitchforks to march on the King’s castle?

The preceding monologue was the brainchild of Robert Greenstein(1) who runs a “non-profit” outfit called “The Center for Budget and policy Priorities”. Greenstein’s psalm was babbled in response to an effort in the U.S. Senate by Louisiana’s David Vitter to end food stamp subsidies for those convicted of violent or sex crimes. Another part of Vitter’s amendment should end the cell phone giveaways that “low income Americans” receive. There’s no mention of whether low-income criminals qualify for the free phones and food but i suspect that they do.

Now, I am not surprised that our government continues providing “benefits” for the poor but what I am shocked by is the tolerance level of folks who are forced to pay for this stuff, they are derisively called “taxpayers”, perhaps you have heard of them?

I have witnessed free phone recipients, cavalierly boast and brag about their “government” cell-phones in the company of those who were forced to pay for them and there’s the rub: there’s no loss of pride or remorse in accepting the plunder and no outrage or action in providing it. Instead, “taxpayers” go about their business complaining about Obama’s IRS harassing a Tea party group while the electronic tea they are being taxed to  pay for, remains un-thrown into Boston or New Orleans’ harbors.

1. http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/05/vitter_pushing_amendments_to_b.html#incart_most-comments