Concepts for Copeland Tribute in Lafreniere Park unveiled

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Copelands-tribute-11(from JEFFERSON PARISH) – This Friday morning, after months of discussion and redesign, members of the Lafreniere Park Advisory Board, the Lafreniere Park Patrons Board, Jefferson Parish Councilman Ben Zahn and Al Copeland, Jr. will unveil the agreed-upon, final design for a Copeland family-funded tribute to the late Al Copeland, Sr. to be placed in the park.

At a Friday 11 a.m. news conference at the Yenni Building, Zahn, Copeland, Chairman of the Patrons of Lafreniere Park Bob Emery and Chairmember of the Lafreniere Park Advisory Board Ginger Crawford will explain the process toward final design and elaborate on the benefits of a private/public partnership. The new design will now feature a sprawling serenity garden, memorial statue and performance stage that better fits the park’s master plan.

Several members of organizations who are organized in the fight against cancer will address the ongoing benefit of the new Copeland tribute in the park. Initial designs for the Copeland memorial were rejected by Councilman Zahn, park advisory board members and park patron board members because the designs were not considered to be appropriate for the park.

Said Zahn, “Though we were pleased and eager to employ private funding toward park upgrades, we could not approve the Roman amphitheater design that was not complimentary to the park’s master plan. We worked closely with the Copeland family members, its management team and the loyal members of the park’s volunteer boards to agree upon an appropriate design that would memorialize the achievements of one of our area’s most successful entrepreneurs while improving park grounds for generations to come. We have achieved our mutual goals.”

Said Emery, “We will present a refined design that will enhance the park’s beauty and use. We have come a long way from the original renderings to approve a distinctive and discriminating tribute to a successful Jefferson Parish businessman’s legacy. Specifically, the stage will add value to the park and attract more live performances to the area. The construction of the stage will save tax payer dollars and citizens will be able to enjoy the amenity upon completion. We believe that the public will embrace our final design, and we also believe appropriate private/public partnerships will further develop Lafreniere Park into one of Louisiana’s premiere, peaceful and picturesque attractions.”

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