Lamarque Ford is On The Mark Catching A Thief

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A local car dealer turned crime fighter is one-for-one catching thieves.

Lamarque Ford’s Crime Stoppers TV spot brought down the man police say robbed the dealership.

Lamarque discovered the suspect on company surveillance cameras then produced and financed his own Crime Stoppers commercial.

Owner Ronnie Lamarque says Crime Stoppers tips and DNA analysis led to the arrest of 50 year old Jackie Williams, “There were email and texts and things going on all around the community. Police did a heck of a job. That includes Kenner and Jefferson Parish.”

Lamarque was told by police that the suspect sold the stolen goods primarily to co-workers at a construction site in the CBD, “Whatever you bought from this guy, you`re driving around with stolen merchandise. And there will be consequences.”

Lamarque says this experience has united a partnership with several other car dealerships to continue fighting crime, “He broke into quite a few dealerships to tell you the truth. Don Bohn, I understand Bryant was hit, Best Chevrolet was hit.”