Come Fly With Me: Trapeze Tricks

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Ever dream of joining a circus?  If you want to learn circus-like trapeze tricks, you can do so in New Orleans.

Lorelei Ashe with Gravity Defying Fitness taught News With a Twist Reporter, Kenny Lopez how to trapeze.

Ashe has been a dancer all her life and she even performed in the circus.  Her artistic moves are enough to make anyone’s mouth drop.

“I love being strong.  I love feeling like a super-hero.  When you learn a skill that’s so intricate, you want to share it.  It’s really hard.  I help my students through it one step at a time,”  she said.

Her students range from teens to dancers to doctors.

ER Doctor at Children’s Hospital, Ian Zlatkiss said it’s important to get over your fear of heights and jump on a trapeze bar.  He’s seen the benefits.

“I used to lift weights, but I hated it.  I found I was getting better results by doing this, in terms of my upper body,”  Dr. Zlatkiss said.

Gravity Defying Fitness is located at 4521 Magzine Street in Temple Gym.   For more information on classes, log on to

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