Gun Bans Don’t Treat Violence But They Do Treat Criminals To Black Market Paydays

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Gee, who ever would have thought that one of the Mothers Day shooters was a repeat offender who trafficked in stolen guns(1), meaning all the mighty protestations over the need for “enhanced” background checks amount to a thumb stuck in a leaking levy holding back the Mississippi River of crime. Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizaro said “And you look back at the charge in 2012, where he’s arrested for being in possession of a stolen gun. That gun also was a 9 mm with an extended clip. It indicates this person has a propensity for guns and for guns that can shoot a lot of bullets where he doesn’t have to keep reloading the thing.”

And there is the rub, no amount of laws and regulations would have stopped either of the perps from acquiring similar weapons used in the Mothers Day attack. The NOPD was able to apprehend the first suspect without turning the French Quarter and below Canal Street area into a martial law zone, invaded by tanks, armored personnel carriers and ten thousand men, armed, going door to door without warrants.

Matter of fact, it doesn’t appear that any “federal” help was needed to be successful in this most basic of police skills: arresting bad guys. Keep that in mind as you ponder the end of Federal intervention in the city’s second most dangerous battle: formosa termite control. “Operation Full Stop”(2) has now fully stopped as the Feds have pulled the plug on millions in termite abatement. Why the USDA had any authority to kill Who Dat termites is beyond me but it does pose a question: can a city that cannot halt the menace of human bad actors possibly halt the menace of insect bad actors?

The saga of the well fed termite population, said to cause $250 MILLION per year in structure damage, is one that needs a happy ending but unlike the epidemic of violence in the City, there is a bait and a pesticide that can treat the termite damage. Background checks and gun bans will only treat criminals to black market paydays.




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