Exclusive: New Mother’s Day Shooting Video & Reaction

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 WGNO News reporter Darian Trotter found himself caught in the middle of Sunday’s Second Line shooting.

He has new video of the aftermath; and frightening accounts from witnesses.

“It was like they were randomly shooting,” witness Lisa Mastro said.

Security camera video shows the suspected shooter pointing a gun. What happened next sent crowds of parade goers frantically running for their lives; including me.

“I heard pow, pow and I ran,” witness Lisa Garner said.” Trotter asked, “How many shots? Oh I don’t know how many but they was about 5 or 6 of them,” Garner replied.

“It was like a semi-automatic or something; just over, and over and over again,” Mastro said.

Seconds before the shooting the suspect was seen leaning against a house, located at the corner of Frenchman and N. Villere Streets; just steps away from where I was standing.

In the middle of gunfire: reporter recounts Mother’s Day parade shootingTrotter described, “As you saw in the video, this is the green stoop the shooter was standing next to before coming to the center of the street, using one hand and firing shots into the crowd.” “Right over here, on the other side of the street – that’s where I was standing.” “Right in the center but directly in the line of fire,” Trotter said.

“After ducking and dodging, this is where I and several others ran for cover; between two homes,” Trotter continued. “And this over here, that is the fence that I managed to jump over until the coast was clear.”

“Talk to her baby, come on,” one witness said.

It didn’t take long to realize it was bad. Really bad.

“Innocent people was hurt,” Garner said. “Half of them didn’t even know they was shot.”

Using my cell phone, I began documenting the aftermath; walking up to victims and assessing their injuries.

Trotter asked, “Where was he shot man?” “In the arm,” the witness replied. “Okay okay,” Trotter replied.

Then I paired up with WGNO staff photographer Deryl Andrews who recorded more exclusive video.

As paramedics arrived, I helped direct them to the victims who appeared to be in worse shape.

One was shot in the torso….

“Let her come up, let her come up,” someone said from the crowd.

So too was this woman.

“Come on babe, talk to her, talk to her bunny,” another witness said.

“I’m trying to check on my brother bruh,” a frantic family member pleaded.

Police and other first responders hurried to gain order and tend to the victims.

That’s when we caught up with Lisa Mastro.

Trotter asked, “How many injured? I have no idea I saw two people down; they took one away,” Mastro replied. “I have no idea.”

“But thank god it’s not nothing bad, bad, bad where we have to say they dead on the scene,” Garner said.

The next day, healing begins; both physical and emotional.

Justin Manuel agrees.

Trotter asked, “How do you feel today? Depressed angry,” Manuel replied.

Trotter asked, “Why are you angry? The violence, the hurt, the turmoil,” Manuel explained.

Several parade goers said they felt victimized because their lives were threatened.