Homeowners Are Renters And Mayors Are Not Venture Capitalists

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I have often read the question asked on credit applications: do you own or rent? Most people who have mortgages instinctively check the “own” box but upon further reflection, what is actually owned other than a book full of tickets called notes that you shall be stuck paying for the next 30 years? In other words “homeowners” are renting their houses from banks and mortgage companies and don’t even get me started on which box those living in “public housing” should check.

If a businessman is seeking funds for his business and cannot obtain it through a bank or a venture capitalist he may always seek the help of the government. If the head of the government, say Mayor Landrieu for example, o.k.’s the request, might Landrieu be escorted by a few body guards into his safe deposit vault at the Whitney bank to retrieve the capital or will he tap into a vat of other people’s money who have no say so in the matter and “loan” that out? My money is on OPM.

Finally, does anyone really believe that most murders are committed because the murderers are unemployed and have to drive on streets in dis-repair? Or is it more likely that murderers have never had the benefit of a life spent with a stable, God fearing family, constantly reinforcing the difference between good and bad, right and wrong?

I ask these questions after reading Mayor Landrieu’s “State of the City” speech from Tuesday(1). Landrieu cannot be faulted for stiff prose or a lack of vision even though that vision has been playing in the minds of big government promoters for over 100 years. He boasted of his administration “spending $40 million less per year than the year before we took office” as I grew tired of counting all the new government programs, loans and projects he’s begun.

“Hizzonah” was  right about one thing dawlin’, if New Orleans makes a comeback it will be because of “the people”. People who must become actual property owners, capitalists and God fearing folk.

1. http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/05/full_text_mayor_mitch_landrieu_1.html