State of the City: New Orleans is finally moving in the right direction

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Yesterday, in the now famous Treme neighborhood, Mayor Landrieu gave his annual state of the city address.  And for the first time in years, maybe decades, the city is finally moving in the right direction.

For the first time since the boom days of the early 80s we are finally seeing real construction projects in our city.  Yesterday, the mayor touted 3 major projects for New Orleans that will cost around $2 billion.

The first is the new airport at a price tag of over $800 million.  A new Louis Armstrong.  Finally, a facility that will live up to its name.

Next would be tearing down and redeveloping the old World Trade Center building on the Mississippi River at the foot of both Canal and Poydras Streets.  That project will run north of half-a-billion dollars and includes blocks and blocks of an entirely new, people-friendly riverfront.

The long anticipated re-do of the Iberville housing development and the surrounding area will be an investment of nearly $700 million.

These three investments are game changers for our city and just in time for the 300 year anniversary of New Orleans in 2018.  A new airport; a new downtown river front development; a redo of the old, outdated Iberville.  New Orleans celebrated its 295th birthday yesterday.  In 5 years, if the mayors plan goes as he anticipates, the tricentennial of our city could be something real special, a game changer for us and our city.