State Transportation Department Issues Toll Tag Refunds

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CCC1 Now that the fate of tolls has been decided for the Crescent City Connection, some drivers can expect refunds.

Attention toll tag users. The State Transportation Department is issuing refunds.

It’s good news for Angela Terry.

“Yeah, they owe me money because I still had a balance on my account,” Terry said. “So I’m looking to get a check sometime soon.”

But refunds will not come to you automatically.

Drivers must close their GeauxPass accounts and turn in their toll tag, or plastic transponder.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Good enough for you? Good enough for me,” Richard Wise said.

Drivers have been asking about refunds ever since the history of tolls on the Crescent City Connection came into question.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a 20-year toll extension in this weekend’s “do-over” election.

“I was sure the state was going to refund it I wasn’t really worried about it,” Kristofer Schaus said. “I was just waiting until the final process was over and I was sure something would have come out.”

Here’s what you have to do to get your money.

Provide a valid driver’s license, and complete a closure form.

Filling out a w-9 is required by law. And finally, a written statement requesting to close your account is all you need.

“If you’re in before 3 o’clock they can cut your check right there,”  Schaus said.

Once your documents are submitted, expect to wait about an hour for the information to be verified; and you too can walk out with a refund check.

“Well I’ll definitely be doing that because I earned my money and I want it back,” Terry said.

Trotter asked, “How much are you expecting back? I think $40,” Wise replied. “Pretty good chunk,” Trotter said. “Yeah it’s okay,” Wise said. “Better to have it in my pocket than the state’s pocket.”

If you don’t want to wait, you can pick up your refund check at a later date; or you can have it mailed.

You can also complete the process online,

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