Shooting Victim Seeks Security Cam Footage Of His Attack

An Uptown man is preparing to have surgery Tuesday morning to have a bullet removed from his shoulder.

A week ago, Jeff Taylor was walking with two women in the French Quarter around Chartres and Dumaine when they were approached by three robbers.  One of the robbers stuck a pistol in Taylor’s face.

Taylor grabbed the gun and was able to avoid being shot in the head.  But he took a bullet to the shoulder which broke bones and tore muscles.

As the man waited for his surgery day to arrive, he made an appeal for people who have security cameras in the are of the Quarter where he was shot to check their footage for Monday, April 29.

“Between 4:00 and 4:30 in the morning, and if they see a group of three gentlemen with hoodies, please call NOPD and turn in that footage and hopefully we can get these guys identified,” he said.

Taylor said he will probably need more than one surgery to repair the damage from the single 9mm bullet injury.


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