Aaron Broussard’s bull$&*t

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Ex-Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard reports to a federal jail this Sunday for stealing from the citizens of the parish he was supposed to represent.

Broussard, in a couple of recent soft ball interviews, still doesn’t get it.  The lifelong politician, just this week, was questioning what former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s motivation was to come after him.  Uh, you committed a crime.  Or two.  Or three.  Or more.  We’ll never know and Broussard certainly isn’t telling.

Like Edwin Edwards, Broussard has a hard time wrapping his hands around his guilt.  Unlike Edwards, Broussard pleaded guilty and still claims to not quite understand that.  Kinda funny.

It wasn’t so funny when Broussard made the bone headed decision to turn the pumps off during Hurricane Katrina and flood Jefferson Parish.  It wasn’t so funny when Broussard had a mental breakdown for a national TV audience telling the fully fabricated, now infamous tale, of a woman drowning because no one would or could go save her.

And now the guilty plea, conviction, and nearly 4 year jail sentence Broussard faces.

The ex-parish prez can live in fantasy land all he wants, but that fantasy land is about to end this Sunday.