Jason Collins and the wacky right

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It’s gotta be tough being a main stream Republican today, especially in Louisiana. The party of Ronald Reagan is one the former president wouldn’t recognize today, hijacked by the extreme wacky right.   This isn’t a conservative ideology, it’s a crazy tea party one that the former president would not be familiar with.

Yesterday was a prime example of why the extreme right is exactly that: extreme and out of touch with the rest of America.  The wacky right was miffed, perplexed, vexed over Jason Collins, the first ever openly gay active NBA player, and the attention he has received, especially from the president.  Barack Obama made a phone call congratulating Collins on becoming the first ever openly gay active major pro player, and the wacky right doesn’t get it.

They don’t understand why the president called him when so many more pressing needs are going on in say, Afghanistan or in North Korea.  The crazy extreme right clearly doesn’t get the social significance of this announcement.  It’s clearly the biggest social issue of our day.

Collins announcement was a “Jackie Robinson” type moment in America.  And only the wacky, crazy, extreme right doesn’t get its significance.  The president obviously does and so does the rest of America.

It’s gotta be a hard time trying to be a regular main stream Republican when your party has been taken over by an extreme wacky clueless bunch that simply doesn’t get the most basic concepts in America.  Jason Collins’ announcement was historic and significant unless your the extreme right of the Republican party.


  • Aldo

    Stop worrying about right or left wing, and try reporting some effing news. No one gives a crap about what yall think your dam job is to report what is going on and let the public decide what they want to believe. Non-bias new is what we need, NOT YOUR DAM OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the gay guy be gay, those who don’t like it thats there issue stop judging because your acting just like what you call the ” EXTREME RIGHT WING”. Report the actual news not your dam opinions. I’m done.

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