Power Outages Close Metairie Businesses

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Wednesday’s storm forced several businesses out of business, taking away power and along with it, customers.

Power to the primary electrical grid along Airline Drive and Clearview Pkwy was out, forcing business owners to decide if they should stay open.

“No customer, no business,” says Monica Patel who runs Subway. “The cash register, credit card machine, everything runs on power.”

Workers at Allied Cash Advance say they can’t help new customers, “Without electricity we can’t use computers and fax machines. Copy machines. Too dark to use the bathroom so we can`t do that.”

Subway managed to stay afloat four hours without power selling chips and warm beverages. “I was looking for my Subway, I got beautiful Lays potato chips here,” says one patron. “The Patel family.  They`re great people. Come by and get the chips.”

The bartender at the Blue Ghost Tavern says the goal is to rescue an entire days’ worth of revenue from completely washing away, “At the Blue Ghost Tavern we still have ice so we have ice cold beers.”