Kenner Cleans Up After Weak Tornado

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stormClean-up is underway in Kenner after a tornado touched down Wednesday afternoon.

“It was quick, and very scary,” homeowner Mary Fogarty said.

The storm has come & gone.

Now begins the clean-up and the review of damage.

The aftermath is widespread in Kenner; ranging from moderate to severe.

“The whole front half of my roof is all gone,” homeowner Clay Ledet Sr. said.

Several homes along West Loyola Drive sustained damage.

Blue tarp now takes the place of roofs.

“This is my ceiling,” Ms. Ledet said.

Inside the Ledet home, it looks like someone had a fight with pillows filled with sheet rock and fiberglass; then tossed buckets of water around for good measure.

“All my ceilings in my front three bed rooms are all falling in,” Ledet Sr. said. “My sofa and everything got sheet rock covered on it.” “I got about a half-inch of water throughout the inside of my house.”

His neighbor fared slightly better.

“About a 3-foot hole, it’s pretty big,” Marty Froeva said.

Trotter asked, “So you have water inside your home? “Yes,” Froeva replied. Trotter asked, “How much? An inch or two,” Froeva said.

The National Weather Service confirms it was a weak tornado that still wreaked havoc on the neighborhood.

“Judging from the backyard damage, you can almost guess the path of the storm,” Trotter pointed out. “Take a look at the fences blown down; you’ve got one, two, and three in a row.”

The storm so strong, it snapped some trees and uprooted others.

This team is moving like clock-work to remove the fallen tree from Mary Fogarty’s front lawn.

“I think it’s amazing,” Fogarty said. “I mean I knew my son would come. I didn’t know my neighbors would come help.”

Red Cross workers moved in to help the ravaged but resilient families.

“You wonder why,” Ms. Ledet said. “Why do you have to go through it again.”

“We survived Hurricane Katrina and you know we’ll survive this one too,” Ledet Sr. said.

The wind was so strong even after the storm, crews with Entergy had to wait to start power restoration.

Late Wednesday night Entergy was reporting several residential and commercial customers were still without service.