Cross-Country Cruisin’: Harahan Man Cycles Across US for Charity

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“You’re going slower, you get to stop, you can see things, you’re looking more, you hear the streams running, the leaves rattling, it’s nice,” says Joseph Barbara about cycling, his long-time passion.

Thursday, April 25th Barbara is leaving for Oregon to begin a two and a half month journey across the country. He is riding the Trans-America Cycling Route from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, a trip totaling more than 4,200 miles.

“Hopefully, we’ll be meeting a lot of people along the way and making new friends. I intend to stop at every historical marker along the way this time,” says Barbara. He is traveling by himself but invites anyone who wants to ride with him along for part of the journey.

He is riding for St. Vincent de Paul and the local food pantry where he and his wife Robin regularly volunteer. He says he would have planned the trip regardless, but riding for charity makes the trip even more special.

“It’s good to see that there are many people supporting him and are going to be there for him along the way, we do everything together except me riding these bicycle rides, so I will miss him,” says Robin.

Joe’s practice bike is pretty light about 25 pounds, but the bike he’s actually riding on his trip across the country is between 90 and 95 pounds once It’s loaded down with food, water, supplies, and a tent. He plans to ride 60-80 miles a day, resting on Sunday. He will stop at camp grounds overnight and perhaps a hotel every once in a while.

The trip has been a dream for Joe who cycles to work four times per week. He will take with him an iPad to keep friends and family close while he is away.

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