Candles that Cure

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“I always search for something that can help people, and I came with the idea in 1983 to open a place like this,” says Felix Figueroa.

Figueroa has devoted much of his life to curing. These last 30 years his medicine comes in a candle.

“If somebody has problem they come and talk to us. We listen to their problem. We tell them what to buy, and we show them how to do it. They are the happiest people that you can find later on.”

F & F Botanica on North Broad Street is stocked with about 10,000 items all intended to work together to heal. Their customers come from near and far for Figueroa’s recommendations. Even celebrities like Brooke Shields aren’t immune.

“Also Dr. John, Fats Domino, the Neville Brothers; they are all human beings just like us.”

The store has now been handed down to Jonathan Scott, Felix’s son-in-law.

“We are like therapists. We try to give a lot of people tools to use, and try not just to listen to people’s problems, but to try to encourage them and to show them different things that they could do with their spirituality that might get them out of some of their problems,” says Scott, “In this life people have to believe in something, and by lighting candles, and we work with prayers and we work with oils and incense and like Mr. Felix said, it’s all about your belief. You have to believe in these things for them to work for you.”

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