Post-Boston Bombing Security Tip From NOLA Expert

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – While law enforcement agencies in the New Orleans area take a good look at security in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, one NOLA security expert has a safety tip he says everyone should follow.  And Brannon Lebouef says the response in Boston moments after the blasts helps underscore his point.

“A lot of great people stood up with little or no training and did what they could,  and that possibly saved lives,” Lebouef says.

Lebouef owns a security firm called NOLATAC, and he is in the process of re-opening the St Bernard Indoor Range in Chalmette.  He’s a firearms instructor and teaches conceal carry classes.  But post-Boston, Lebouef is telling people to make a point of carrying another kind of personal safety gear.

“You’re going to find yourself needing medical equipment many, many, many more times in life than you will ever find yourself needing defense equipment,” he said from his business’s office.

Lebouef says everyone should carry what’s known as an Every Day Carry Kit, or EDC.  It’s a small, emergency medical kit that includes a tourniquet, gause, and other medical equipment for stopping serious blood loss.

“Even places that I legally can’t carry a firearm, I always have this.”

A quick web search showed small EDC kits selling for about $60 or less.

“This is awesome to put in your door panel, in that little pocket, instead of collecting straws and napkins,” Lebouef said.