Our simple-minded Louisiana legislature

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The mentality of the Louisiana legislature can be summed up quite easily, just look no further than Louisiana’s law about texting while driving.

On the surface, Louisiana’s law seems like a good one.  The problem is, when police pull a driver over for breaking the texting law, many drivers simply say they were performing another task on the phone and it wasn’t texting!

Now a brilliant Louisiana legislature wants to add “Facebooking” to the law.   Next year, they’ll add looking up a number from your contacts.  In two years “going on the Internet while driving” will be added.   How about changing the law to what it should have been from day one: no distracted driving, period!  Especially with a cell phone.

States like New Jersey have a more all encompassing law that prohibits cell phone use while driving.   That means no texting and no calls.  You can’t Facebook or look up a number either.   No going on the Internet and no video games.  You can’t  drive and use your phone at all.

Louisiana doesn’t necessarily have to follow New Jersey’s tough cell phone law but they do need to make sure the Louisiana law covers distracted driving with a cell phone and not just texting or going on Facebook while driving.  Our technologically-limited legislators should know better.