News with a Twist

Geraldo’s comments about New Orleans shouldn’t even get a response

Bill O’Reilly had quite a time on his show after showing the video from Orleans Parish Prison. The video, which looks like something from MTV more than a real prison, was showed to O’Reilly’s guest, Geraldo Rivera, and that’s when the fun started.

Rivera, who is on Fox News for a reason, mainly because he’s worn out his journalistic welcome at the other networks, is more National Enquirer than journalist.  And he certainly didn’t disappoint with his lame take on our city.

Rivera, after watching the OPP video, called New Orleans “the big sleezy”.  Wow, Geraldo can rhyme!   He went on to describe New Orleans, outside the tourist areas, as a “vast urban wasteland”.

It’s just Geraldo being Geraldo.  This is how he operates.  What’s arguably worse is how New Orleans leaders felt compelled to respond.

I’m all for New Orleans.  A proud native that does his very best to promote our city.  And if a viable journalist bashes our city wrongly, I’m gonna be the first to rail them.  But in this case it’s not a viable journalist bashing our city.  It’s just Geraldo Rivera.  And a response is simply not warranted.


Geraldo Rivera’s comments on Orleans Parish Prison corruption:

Bill O’Reilly addresses the response from some New Orleans civic leaders:



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