Both the mayor and the sheriff are to blame for the embarrassing video from OPP

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There was more national embarrassment for New Orleans this week.  Back on Tuesday, a federal judge released video from the Orleans Parish Prison that shocked most anyone that watched it.

The video taken inside of OPP shows inmates doing drugs, using cell phones, drinking cold beer from a cooler, and worst of all, having a loaded pistol in the jail.  Amazing.  What’s even more amazing is the “he said, she said” game that the mayor and sheriff are playing.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman blames the mayor for not funding the jail properly.   And Mayor Mitch Landrieu blames the sheriff for mot running it right.  Now that’s convenient.

I, like most citizens, blame both of them.  Grown men shirking their responsibilities and pointing the finger at each other?!?   We’ve got to do better than that.  We must do better than that.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Sheriff Marlin Gusman are the two individuals most responsible for the condition of the parish jail.  The federal consent decree to fix the jail is imperative.  It’s now time for our mayor and sheriff to play nice and step up and take responsibility.  Pointing the finger at each other isn’t going to solve anything.  Especially when both the mayor and sheriff are equally wrong.